"Line 7"

Across vast
Cautious steps
Danger waits
Enclave out-of-sight
Near the edge
Through bushes --- eyes


raevnn said...

Good morning! Sort of.

I need to ask what these poems are called. I'm really enjoying them and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

They're almost like a haiku... but longer.

Jess said...

These poems are part of another poem. The poems posted I call "encryptions" because the first letters of each line make up the corresponding numbered line of the original poem (acronyms). I write them based on whatever pops into my head for each letter. The first 4 I wrote last night, and the rest are as I go through the event, a few ahead so I cut and paste them (after I copy them into the computer).

raevnn said...

Is something you made up then?

It's wonderful, I think!

Jess said...

Yeah, I guess you can say I made it up, and all the poems. I was doing these "encryptions" at LiveJournal for a while, but I do not know why I stopped.